Whip Poor Will’s Song – A Poem

Whip-Poor-Will’s Song

Be kind she says
be kind
a madness steals my mind
whip-poor-will’s song takes flight
quickening delight

fields of
wind-swept snow
the shallow March grass

she says to me
to me in my misery
now the idle plow

joy and fright
Holy Light

in the End

there I stand
blanketed in my room
to ask just to ask


Step light across my threshold bare
unstrap the locks within your hair
am I worth the torrents that play
amidst your park on Saturday?


10 thoughts on “Whip Poor Will’s Song – A Poem

  1. Joseph, this is beautiful. I popped over here after eavesdropping on your conversation with KB on his blog. In terms of formatting, at the end of a line, use shift-enter to get a single-spaced line.

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