Tea Leaves – A Poem


Tea Leaves

Enjoying the flavor
of my tea
with you
I share my leaves.
A hidden blend
in a copper coffee tin
on the high shelf
by the twined
dried roses
and the garden shears
Gently portioned
into an earth ware
their essence
in the hot
Measured amounts
softly poured
porcelain cups.
fragrances of cinnamon
and orange blossoms
fills the room.
An aroma
bringing life.
the burgundy moon
settles in the west
for us
as we
sip the tea
a red glow
illuminating the icy
scratching at the window.
In the shadows of the room
the steam caresses
our cheeks
our bodies warmed
in the lost
spell my tea


For my wife who gave me the idea and asked for me to write a poem about it.


9 thoughts on “Tea Leaves – A Poem

  1. I really liked the almost slowly brewing that the poem settles into. Very evocative. Really good.
    As an aside, being married and also being a poet has definite advantages when it comes to expressing, not how you feel, but what you feel. I find it a great outlet in those not so easy ties as well, to understand who I am and what I can be and cannot be.>KB

      • Think about all the poor guys who don’t know what to write in a Val. card or Anniv. card. It’s almost like a pass to Yankee Stadium sometimes–especially if you screw up. I like your overall style–very laid back where mine is very tight and controled. Would love to show you some of my A list sometime.>KB

      • I have to admit that there are times when I am that person that does not know what to write on a card. Perhaps I feel intimated by the whole process, especially if it is a Hallmark card, and all of the hearts, flowers and birds are staring at me, the generic sentiments printed on it glaring at me angrily. Thanks, I have enjoyed reading your poems as well, and would love to read any that you would like to share. I mean to read more that are on your blog, but between work, writing, family, and trying to catch Archer on Thursday night, time can be a little tight.

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