I Dreamt of Blues – A Poem

I Dreamt of Blues

I dreamt of blues, and reds, of green,
hope acquiesced in narrow stream,
reeds clawed at banks, defiled sand,
phantoms arose from rent in land.

In supple dress arrayed was she,
hair glimmered as stars on the sea.
Her bare feet gently touched the ground,
in Twilight’s grove her fate was bound.

I dreamt of reds, and greens, of blue,
shells of men, former lives they rue,
toss stones in shoals of memory,
faces filled with nostalgic glee.

Among the crowd to me she came,
to me alone did call by name.
From the land, dead water and stone,
led she to woods like eldritch bone.

I dreamt of greens, and blues, of red
despondent ghosts in boughs of dread,
shores from a far off isle are heard,
like song long lost, forgotten word.

In blighted glade she kissed my brow
from despair to no longer cow.
A fleeting sigh left my pale lips,
across bare hills the moon light slips.


While going through some old files, I found this poem that I wrote some time ago, forgotten and collecting dust on my hard drive. It is from a time I was tried my hand at a more formula style poetry.


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