Belts. As a kid I don’t remember wearing them often. Maybe on special occasions, but other than that, life was pretty much belt free. My children don’t wear them all that much either. Now, I find I wear a belt all the time, even when not really required. I would probably wear one with sweat pants and maybe even pajamas if they had loops. They do have draw strings, but that is not the same in my opinion.

I cannot remember when this change took place; when I moved from a beltless world to one where a belt was both an intimate and necessary attire. Lost as it is now in the obscure past. Is this a common part of the growing up process? Are belts what really separates the boys from the men?


3 thoughts on “Belts

  1. I guess this has to do with dress code. If I may ask, do you dress formally most of the time?

    My work demands that I do some marketing from time to time, so I dress in a way that enables me walk around freely. Since I live in a tropic region where the sun blazes down on me most of the time, I go to bed usually in my boxers and tee shirt.

    • Sure you can ask! No, not really a dress code as the reason. I do work in a business casual atmosphere (except for casual Fridays), but mostly I meant to say I wear a belt all the time. On weekends, with shorts, on casual Friday. Even with my shirt tucked out so that no one would even know if I went without. It’s now ingrained in my daily routine and attire. When I was a child, though, I never even thought of putting one on.

      It is a little too cold here right now for the boxers and t-shirt when sleeping. Great in the summer months though.

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